Tapas Origins

Tapas means snacks, canapés or finger food. The word ‘tapas’ is derived from the Spanish verb tapar: ‘to cover’. Originally when eating tapas in traditional Spanish bars, the locals would stand, placing their plates on top of their drinks to use them as a surface upon which to eat, covering their drinks in the process … and so the nickname ‘tapas’ was born. Or so they say!

The serving of tapas is designed to encourage active conversation because people are not so focused upon eating an entire meal that is set before them. Enjoying tapas is very much about enjoying the social company you are with, and sharing food together.

Not just a snack, but a whole meal

Tapas is not just a starter or snack, it is a whole meal. At Café Tapas we have created a variety of deliciously fresh and tasty treats for your selection, and we hope that a few might become your favourites.

Whatever the true origins of tapas, sit back and enjoy the Café Tapas experience as we prepare your tapas selection.

And don’t forget to enjoy your tapas like the Spanish do – with a glass of wine or your favourite aperitif, together with a relaxed attitude!

Café Tapas offers a Western style tapas with an Asian influence. We look forward to making your next dining experience an enjoyable one for both you and your friends, family or business associates.

Please note that a 10% surcharge applies on public holidays. Prices shown on the web or on our menus are subject to change without notice.